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Added: Jan. 1, 2022
Designed to share a glass of sparkling champagne and mark a special celebration, the Lismore Essence Champagne
Saucers, Set/2 features the elegant and timeless Lismore pattern featuring distinctive diamond and wedge cuts.
Created in the 17th century, the saucer was historically the perfect glass to savor champagne and the style later
became an iconic symbol of sophistication in 1950's Hollywood movies. Champagne fountains are still made using
saucer champagne glasses to create an eye-catching centerpiece at parties and weddings. The Lismore Essence
Champagne Saucer is perfect for creating that special moment, whether celebrating a birthday, anniversary or
wedding. Perfect for serving sparkling wine, mimosas, spumante or champagne cocktails, the Lismore Essence
Champagne Saucer makes a cool, contemporary statement for any occasion. The glasses are presented in our
signature Lismore box.

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Started in 1971, The Ivy House serves Dallas' and Texas's discerning customers and brides.

Started in 1971, The Ivy House serves Dallas' and Texas's discerning customers and brides.
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